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Now I am working as well in the 3D area, which I find really exciting!
Until now I am working with Blender, projects with modeling including programming are highly appreciated!
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At last! After 7 years being busy without updates, now we want to turn this website into a more agile component of our communications.

CMS - 1.7.1 - Escada


Here you can see a selection of designs and implementations I was involved in.

By clicking, you can also directly reach these sections:

3D Models
Systems administration work
Software Development


I worked four years (2004-2008) at that UN organization as a webmaster, mostly for creating internal research tools.
Recently, several UN gender agencies merged to "UN-Women".
The software platform is " Joomla ".

This site is done with the software " Drupal "(by the way Barack Obama's team to the site also uses Drupal). The design of cold-rational basis with the combination blue-gray-white is common in government projects or other official in Europe.
The graphic theme has been developed from scratch from a static graphic.

The site design is made ​​for easy modification by the same organization, using the drawing software " Inkscape ". The software platform for writing content is extremely easy to use and is called " CMS made ​​simple ".

CMS made ​​simple is also used on this site after complaints Joomla. The design and logo is a bit conservative, but that was the wish of the client, which works in a restricted area.

3D models:

"Splash screen" for the software " Khephra ", a program code editor, and text
Reinvention of an optical construction to create 3D photos with any camera.
Produces 2 halves of each eye picture for each shot.


SQLite logo

A draft of a logo made ​​with 3D tools for the project SQLite ( )

Disaster proof house
Creative Project: disaster-approved house

Creating buttons with 3D models

Prototype Emergency mud house with double tin roof. (Needs more work than house type "A roof for my country", but is more comfortable, safer and stronger, while the price is comparable).

System Administration Work:

Dozens of complex server migrations and hundreds of server installation and maintenance for the Minister of Education in Bremen, Germany

Complete reinstallation of servers (UN-INSTRAW, )

International migration of servers (

Software Development:


Changing the e-learning software " Moodle "for automatic translation in their forums (contact:

Logistics and databases:

Framework "cargo" to efficiently create database applications, a strategy of Object-Relationship-Mapping (ORM) similar but superior performance to Ruby on Rails. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The first project was a marketing portal for logistics services (still proprietary software, contact:

SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") primarily to optimize the Google ranking:

More coincidentally scheduled a web application, which multiplies a site, and then the more important as the words used in the content. I managed several ranks # 1 for well. Site traffic rose 3000% over the years.

Knowledge Management:

Several web tools for international collaborative research (for

Automatic creation of graphics, for example to illustrate statistics (world maps etc.)..

Geo Informatics:

Geo-Informatics applications for a satellite network company, subcontracted by (contact: Frederik Ramm, carrying the Debian toolchain did creating SUSE Linux RPM packages.

Free Software for OpenStreetMap ("osm2sqlite" to analyze geographic data used by the government of Iceland, contact: Bjarmason Arnfjord Ævar <>)

Mobile applications:

Fleet Control (eg truck) for Android phones.

Computer Security / Ethical hacking:

Scanner data center (scanning all vulneribilidades components) with the software OpenVAS (contract ). OpenVAS fork is a free software called "Nessus".

"Hardening" systems against attacks using Tomoyo Linux (restricts data flow patterns was "healthy").

Forensic analysis of attacks and after cleaning the system after successful attacks, optimizing the costs of damage caused by the intrusion.

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