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Now I am working as well in the 3D area, which I find really exciting!
Until now I am working with Blender, projects with modeling including programming are highly appreciated!
Category: General
Posted by: jochen

At last! After 7 years being busy without updates, now we want to turn this website into a more agile component of our communications.

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This system we choose by default in our implementations, especially if the client has special needs to fulfill, because the software portfolio of Debian is the largest one, and covers nearly all thinkable cases in excellent quality.
Also if you are unsure, how you will expand with your online business, if you will need this or that special functionality, we recommend Debian, let's say if you want to generate crisp high-quality online graphics from databases using geographic data etc. .

Over many years this system proved its stability in mission-critical environments.
Certainly one of its most known features is its pool of about 30,000 well-prepared software packages.

Of course if we can't convince you with Debian, we are using whichever system you want, like RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, OpenBSD, Solaris, Apple Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows.


The vast majority of solutions ist most effective, flexible and cost-cutting using Free and OpenSource Software, as you are able to adapt any detail of this (priceless but no-cost) software.

In developing countries we are convinced, that using Free Software has multiple positive side effects, like autoenhancing education, building capacity via user groups and and most of all, giving the idea that everybody can participate in a large constructive process.


Google, Facebook, YouTube - each one of those mega sites uses this flexible free system kernel.
91% of the 500 most powerful super computers are using Linux.

We can as well use another software basis, but this one works very well for us.

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